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A Brief Introduction ........

MARCREST DESIGNS was founded in 1971 and initially the core interest was Table and Kitchen Linen. Original designs were created in-house, sent to overseas mills to be reproduced on fabrics which were returned to New Zealand for manufacture into high quality linens. The finished product was then purchased by linen specialists and department stores.

No commercial contract work was undertaken in the earliest days but shortly after the Company introduced the first major range of solid colour table linen to New Zealand stores in 1972 it began receiving enquiries from restaurants. Restaurateurs and interior designers were attracted by the very extensive choice of colours combined with easy care quality; such options had not been available earlier.

Today Marcrest Designs offers the widest range of textiles for tables to be found anywhere, thus ensuring that customer enquiries can be met with a quality and timely solution within the budget available.

The collection extends from basic commercial types up to 5 Star International standard and includes very special items suitable for Suites and VIP occasions such as Royal Tours, etc..

A significant choice of custom-made products is also available.

Most of the new hotels and convention centres built in New Zealand during the past twenty years or so were equipped by the Company on a pre-opening basis. Many of these sites are still using the original Marcrest Table Skirting Systems more than a decade later.

Success with Table Linens and Table Skirting systems led to customers seeking other products and so Marcrest Designs expanded into Linens, Comfort Products and Soft Furnishings for Guestrooms.

Now more than 30 years on the Company is well placed to respond to enquiries ranging from low volume, very special items to bids for major new projects as well as for existing operations.

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